Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for your puppies?

Our puppies are priced at $3,000.

How do we get on your list to acquire a puppy?

If after the interview, you would like to move forward with a puppy, we will send a reservation agreement and request a $500 reservation fee. This will secure a puppy for you and you will be placed on a list in the order it was received. This fee is refundable until you select a specific puppy. At that time, it becomes nonrefundable. We carefully select a suitable puppy for you.

How long is your waiting list and when can I expect to be offered a puppy?

We try to keep our waiting list manageable, and you should not have to wait more than 3-4 months to be offered a puppy.

How will I know how to take appropriate care of my puppy?

You will be provided with records and very clear instructions on the continued care of your puppy, including food brand and vet records.